Welcome to Vishwakarmatamilmarriage.in, will be the country’s most successful match-making service in near future, which has its inception in June 2017, for the people all over the world to help them find their soulmates. Today, hundreds of thousands of people have met their life partners through our revolutionary matchmaking service and countless others have made some very special friends. Vishwakarmatamilmarriage.in was founded by us with one simple objective –to give a meaning for them to live with happiness althrough their life . we are creating a world-renowned service that will touch the lives of millions of people all over the world.

'Team Vishwakarmatamilmarriage.in' is a set of hardworking people, with a vision on future. 'Team Vishwakarmatamilmarriage.in ' is dedicated to providing you with the ultimate partner search experience and believes that no other matchmaking service can provide you as like  Vishwakarmatamilmarriage.in does. Please take some time to get to know us better through the links that we have provided on this page. Perhaps the information will help you decide if we are the right solution for you or somebody you know. I thank you for visiting us and hope that we can help you meet the right life-partner.


Vishwabrahmins are divided into five gotras or exogamous clars each corresponding to a Rishi named in the Yajas veda (4:3:3).

1) Saraga Rishi
2) Sanaathana Rishi
3) Abhuvanasa Rishi
4) Prathnasa Rishi
5) Suparnasa Rishi

Each of the five gotras are also identified with a traditional occupation.

1. Manu (Black Smith)
2. Mayan (Carpentery)
3. Thwastha (Metal Craftsman)
4. Silpi (Stone Carver)
5. Vishvanjaya (Goldsmith)

The Five gotras are further divided into a total of 25 sub-class(up a gotras). Because of their five fold division. They are also known as panchals. They are said to follow five vedas (instead of the standard four). The fifth being the Pranava veda.

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1. Registration is absolutely FREE!

2. Any Registered Member will be given an unique ID Number.

3. Registered Member can directly come to our Office and could freely peruse the Horoscopes.

4. For a nominal charge of Rs.1999/- (3months) Rs.2999/-(6months) Rs.3999/-(1year) Members can access the entire Matrimony Database by browsing our website.

5. There is no word called brokerage for providing a service for our peoples all over the world.

6. After their Marriage, the Marriage-Video will be posted at our Website for a period of ONE WEEK without further charges. Friends & Relatives residing in Foreign and other parts of our country can watch and enjoy the Marriage-Video of their dear ones.


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